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Located south of the capital of California, Modesto is a favorite for families to live because of its rich historic value to the state of California and the amazing community that resides here.


Every technician from Modesto will provide prompt, friendly, and neighborly service. They’ll be quick but thorough and leave no mess behind once the stairlift is installed.

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Our Most Popular Modesto Stairlifts

Bruno Elite CRE 2110


For those of you who are not interested in cookie-cutter designs, Bruno Elite CRE 2110 may be for you. It's Bruno's signature stairlift, built to your specific needs, customized for the unique design of your home. The Bruno Elite’s flexibility makes it one of our most popular stairlift options in the Modesto area.


  • Weight limit: 400 lbs 
  • A comfortable, generously sized, adjustable chair
  • A vertical rail made to measure maximizes space
  • Armrest control moves stairlift up and down

And More. Learn more about all of your curved stairlift options.

Bruno Elan SRE 3050


Bruno’s best selling, American-made straight stairlift – the Elan SRE 3050. The Elan blends style and functionality for a stairlift that is remarkably easy to use. It has a narrow vertical rail design that makes it perfect for narrow, high-traffic stairways. There’s plenty of room to get around this lift when it’s installed. Incorporating updated technology, styling, and ergonomic features, this chair lift is the first choice for homeowners in the Modesto area who value both form and function.


  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Exceptional comfort from an adjustable, plush seat
  • Stairlift glides smoothly up and down with armrest controls 
  • Seat can swivel 90 degrees at the top landing

And More. Learn more about all of your straight stairlift options.

Areas We Service in Modesto

  • Park Oaks
  • Sierra View
  • Bel Air South
  • Sycamore Park
  • Woodworth
  • Park Valley
  • Gibson Gardens
  • Riverside Heights
  • Village Highlands
  • And More


Did You Know This About Modesto?

Located in the Central Valley south of Sacramento, Modesto was founded in 1870 along the shores of the Tuolumne River. The city was originally supposed to be named after William C. Ralson, a humble but successful and much-admired financier. Mr. Ralson requested that another name be used, and the town was named Modesto as a reflection of his modesty.


Modesto has a population of more than 200,000 people and is the 18th largest city in California and county seat of Stanislaus County. The city's motto, which was chosen as part of a contest in 1911, is "Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health."


According to Zillow, 2019 home prices in Modesto have gone up 4% over the past year and are expected to rise 0.9% over the next year. The median home value is $298,200, and the median rent is $1,625, making the city more affordable than some other areas in the state.


Modesto residents enjoy mild winters with a moderate amount of rain and hot, dry summers. With such a mild climate, residents and visitors may enjoy outdoor activities all year round. The city is also centrally located within a short driving distance to the mountains, ocean, and parks, including Yosemite National Park.


In addition to the warm climate, fertile soil and ideal growing conditions contribute to Modesto's agricultural production of approximately $3 billion, which includes walnuts, almonds, chickens, and milk.


The largest employer in Modesto is the E & J Gallo Winery, which is the largest winery in the world. The Gallo Glass Company, which operates as a company of the Gallo Winery, is the largest wine bottle manufacturer in the world as well. Some of the city's other larger employers are Memorial Medical Center, Modesty City Schools, and Doctors Medical Center.


Filmmaker George Lucas is a Modesto native, and he drew on his life experiences there for the 1973 movie American Graffiti. Although the movie was not filmed in Modesto, the city holds an annual Graffiti Summer festival celebrating 1950s pop culture. The festival includes hundreds of antique and classic cars and attracts visitors from all over during June.

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