Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight Stair Lift

Straight Stairlift Straight Stairlift

Glide up your outdoor stairs with unmatched ease. This exceptional outdoor stairlift is designed to withstand varying climates featuring weather-resistant seat materials, a lightweight cover, and an anodized aluminum rail. With the Elite straight stairlift, you can rest assured that you have a reliable, durable, and long-lasting solution that you can count on for years to come.



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Durable Outdoor Paint

This stairlift is made with marine-grade vinyl and finished with durable outdoor paint. It’s perfect for all kinds of weather and is performance tested from 0°F - 125° F.

Functional Design

The Bruno Elite SRE 2010-E has a patented space-saving design with narrow vertical rails. No more wasted space on your stairs!

Covered Gear Rack on Rail

The unique covered gear rack ensures that grease and dirt won’t harm your unit. Plus, it makes for the smoothest, quietest ride around.

Battery Operation

With a backup battery, this stairlift will work even when the power goes out.

Tight Rail Installation

You can install this stairlift within seven inches of the wall - no taking up all the free space on your stairway!

Rated to 400 lbs

With a higher weight limit and larger vinyl seats and armrests, this is one of the most comfortable stairlifts on the market.


Optional Extras

Larger Seat Pad

Optional larger Elite seat pad for increase comfort. 21.5" wide x 16" deep (546x406mm)

Larger Footrest

Optional larger footrest. 12" long x 11" wide (305x279mm).

Four-Point Harness

Request a four-point harness for additional securement points on the chair.

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