The 20 Best iPhone Apps for Seniors in 2020

senior citizen using iPhone

1. Ibotta

Best For: Earning cashback on your purchases 

Why We Love It: The Ibotta app is free, and it lets you earn cashback on your purchases, whether they are in-store or online. Retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, CVS, Lowe’s, Whole Foods, Kohl’s, Trader Joe’s, Petco, Costco, and many others have partnered with Ibotta to pay customers cashback. You can also use the Ibotta app to pay for your purchases. 

Download the app here: Ibotta   

2. MyFitnessPal

Best For: Helping you stay healthy and fit 

Why We Love It: MyFitnessPal is an app that you can use to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can track the food you eat, including calories, protein, carbs, fiber, and fat. MyFitnessPal can track your steps and log your exercise. It even connects you to a community of other users so you can share tips and support each other in your fitness goals. This app is free, and a premium version with more features is available for $9.95/month or $49.99/year. 

Download the app here: MyFitnessPal  

3. Elevate

Best For: Cognitive Stimulation 

Why We Love It: The Elevate app uses cognitive learning techniques, based on scientific research and neuroscience, that focus on memory improvement, comprehension, focus, and processing through a variety of fun games and activities for any age. Elevate is free to download and use some basic features, and a premium version with more features is available for $4.99/month or $39.99/year If you want to try before you buy, check out their free 14-day trial. 

Download the app here: Elevate

4. Pocket Yoga

Best For: Doing yoga exercises at your own pace 

Why We Love It: This app features 27 yoga sessions that cover varying levels of difficulty, so you can choose the ones that are best for you and work at your own pace. There are more than 300 pose images that show the correct alignment for the different poses, and you can track your progress within the app and sync across your devices. The Pocket Yoga app is $2.99. 

Download the app here: Pocket Yoga

5. WhatsApp Messenger

Best For: Cross-platform messaging 

Why We Love It: WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that connects you with your family and friends right through your Internet connection. This saves you from using your cellphone’s data plan for your calls, which is especially useful if you’re communicating with people in other countries. You can share photos, videos, and documents, as well as send and receive messages with this free app. 

Download the app here: WhatsApp Messenger  

6. Magnifying Glass with Light

Best For: Providing magnification with light 

Why We Love It: This app is great for viewing small print in dimly lit places, and it’s ideal for reading the text on medicine bottles, books, or menus in dim restaurant lighting. This app features an adjustable magnification from 1.0X to 5.0X. The basic version is free, and more features are available with the premium version for $1.99.                                                                                                          

Download the app here: Magnifying Glass with Light  

7. AARP Now

Best For: Accessing your AARP benefits 

Why We Love It: AARP Now is a free app that turns your membership card into a digital membership. You can access all of your AARP benefits through the app. Your digital membership includes access to news stories, information on events and workshops, and membership discounts. You can also use the AARP Rewards program with this app, which lets you earn rewards points for syncing and using your fitness tracker. 

Download the app here: AARP Now  

8. Medisafe Medication Management

Best For: Medication reminders 

Why We Love It: This app reminds you to take your medications, even if your device is asleep. It also includes a reminder to reorder your prescriptions. This app fully integrates with the HealthKit app, which you can use to track your blood pressure, glucose, pulse, weight, and temperature. You can also share information with your medical providers right through the app. Medisafe Medication Management is free to download and use, and there is a premium version that offers more features for $4.99/month or $39.99/year.

Download the app here: Medisafe 

9. Facebook

Best For: Connecting with family and friends 

Why We Love It: You can enjoy Facebook’s features right from your iPhone with this free app. Connect with your family and friends, share information, post photos, connect with groups, find local events and places of business, and even buy or sell items on the Marketplace. You can find plenty of content to read and watch, including Facebook’s original web television shows. 

Download the app here: Facebook

10. Carelinx Senior In-Home Care

Best For: Finding in-home caregivers at affordable rates 

Why We Love It: Carelinx provides you with the support you need to find high-quality caregivers to meet your needs. Their advisors will help you interview and hire vetted, in-home caregivers according to your budget. Carelinx’s fees are about 25% less than that of traditional caregiving agencies. You pay for your caregivers’ services, and then Carelinx takes care of any payroll and taxes so you don’t have to worry about those. While the app is free to download, you will pay a 20% service fee on each invoice. 

Download the app here: Carelinx: Senior In-Home Care

11. Flip50

Best For: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Why We Love It: Flip50 is an app that is part of the Flip50 healthy lifestyle program for people age 50 and over. This app helps you stay motivated to manage your weight, maintain an exercise program, and eat healthy foods through weekly plans that are tailored to your specific needs. It includes access to customized menu plans and more than 10,000 fitness facility locations. It’s free to download the app, but there is a monthly membership fee of $34.99. Sometimes there are reduced rates for AARP members. 

Download the app here: Flip50


12. Flashlight

Best For: Producing light from your phone’s flash 

Why We Love It: The Flashlight app features a bright flashlight, strobe and pulse modes, an emergency beacon, and battery optimization. It uses the flash on the back of your iPhone to create a bright light. This app is completely free with advertisements, or you can have the ads removed for $0.99. 

Download the app here: Flashlight


13. Sky Guide

Best For: Finding stars, constellations, satellites, and planets 

Why We Love It: This fun app uses augmented reality (AR) to help you study the stars, constellations, planets, and much more. It features a built-in compass and a database of 2.5 million stars and works with or without Wi-Fi or cell service. You can even use the app to travel into the past to see what the sky looked like at a different time. You just hold your phone up to use the app. The cost is $2.99. 

Download the app here: Sky Guide


14. InstaCart

Best For: Same-day grocery delivery service 

Why We Love It: You can use the InstaCart app to order your groceries online and have them delivered to your home from stores right in your own neighborhood. You can choose from thousands of retailers, including Safeway, HEB, Wegmans, Petco, CVS, Publix, Costco, and Aldi. Create your own shopping lists and tag your favorite items to make reordering easier with this free app. 

Download the app here: InstaCart 

15. DoorDash Food Delivery

Best For: Getting food delivered from your favorite restaurants 

Why We Love It: With DoorDash, you can enjoy food from your favorite restaurants without leaving your home. No-contact delivery is also available if you would prefer your delivery driver to leave your order at your door and notify you when it’s there. This free app offers real-time order tracking and no minimum order amounts. 

Download the app here: DoorDash Food Delivery


16. Groupon

Best For: Discounts and coupons at local businesses 

Why We Love It: You can save up to 70% off of your purchase at local businesses and other businesses all over the world with this free app. Choose from restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, exercise studios, hotels, live events, automotive maintenance, and many other businesses. Groupon will even alert you when promo codes are available for discounts near you. 

Download the app here: Groupon


17. Thumbtack

Best For: Hiring local contractors and service professionals 

Why We Love It: Thumbtack is an app that you can use to find and hire local contractors for projects or chores. You search for the services or projects you need to have done, and it provides you with a list of local contractors who can do the work for you. On Thumbtack, you can find plumbers, photographers, dog walkers, yoga instructors, estate planners, makeup artists, tutors, and many more. Thumbtack is completely free, and you pay your contractors separately for their work rather than from within the app. Contractors pay for the leads they receive.                                                                                                          

Download the app here: Thumbtack


18. Audible Audiobooks & Originals

Best For: Purchasing and listening to audiobooks

Why We Love It: Audible lets you choose from a huge selection of audiobooks, including bestsellers, new releases, memoirs, mysteries, romance, and many more. Audible has membership plans available starting at $14.95/month, and for that fee, you get credits that you exchange for audiobooks, a 30% discount on all purchases, risk-free exchanges, and two Audible Originals every month. Audible also offers a free 30-day trial. 

Download the app here: Audible


19. Senior MeetMe: Dating over 50

Best For: Online dating 

Why We Love It: This app is specifically designed for seniors, and registration is limited to only those who are 45 and older. Senior MeetMe allows you to search through verified profiles of other mature singles to find those who share similar interests with you, and it can help you build meaningful connections with other seniors. While it is free to download this app, there are premium subscription options starting at $7.99/week. 

Download the app here: Senior MeetMe: Dating over 50

20. Moodfit                

Best For: Improving your mental health 

Why We Love It: This free app tracks your mood and provides tools to help you reduce anxiety and stress, improve your sleep, and learn mindfulness and meditation. It can help you understand the connection between your mood and various lifestyle factors, such as exercise and sleep patterns. 

Download the app here: Moodfit

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