Bruno Elite Straight Stair Lift

Straight Stairlift Straight Stairlift

Experience quality, comfort, and style with a Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift. Its premium design seamlessly blends into the surroundings of your home while providing worry-free access.



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Overview & Benefits

Luxurious Feel

With a stylish design, this stairlift is sure to fit into your home’s unique aesthetic. From the plush seat to the adjustable footrest, it’s the definition of comfort and elegance.

Simple to Operate

The Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift can be controlled by an armrest control as well as two included wireless remote controls.


With a number of built-in safety features, like a retractable seat belt and obstruction sensors, you’ll ride up and down the stairs at ease.

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Weight Limit of 400 lbs

With a higher weight limit than other Bruno stairlifts, this model is ideal for just about anyone.

Multiple Methods of Control

This stairlift can be controlled by chair arm controls or by a wireless call/send feature.

Space-Saving Rail

The one-of-a-kind vertical rail design leaves the most space possible available on your stairs.

Industry-Leading Warranty

With a lifetime warranty on major components and a two-year warranty on everything else, you’ll be covered no matter what happens.

Easy to Keep Clean

Because the gear rack on the vertical rail is covered, you won’t have to worry about dirt and grease getting inside the track.

Battery-Powered Performance

There’s no need to worry about a power outage. This stairlift is continually charging along the entire rail to offer performance even in a power outage.


Optional Extras

Power Folding Footrest

Power flips footrest up/down when seat is raised/lowered. Arm switch control optional.

Folding Rail

Power & manual versions. Use for a narrow hallway or doorway at bottom of stairs.

Power Swivel Seat

Power rotate the seat for easy on/off with control on chair arm or wireless remote.

Larger Seat Pad

Optional larger Elite seat pad for increased comfort. 21.5" wide x 16" deep (546x406mm).

Larger Footrest

Optional larger Elite footrest. 12" long x 11" wide (305x279mm).

Multiple Custom Colors

Personalize your Bruno Elite stairlift with one of our custom seat colors.

Four-Point Harness

Request a four-point harness for additional securement points on the chair.

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