Best Pets For Seniors

Best Pets For Seniors

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Are you a senior looking to bring a fluffy bundle of joy home? It’s certainly an exciting decision to take care of a pet and one that comes with a number of benefits. Not only will your new pet keep you company, they will also provide you with many precious moments for years to come. 

The thing is, it can be difficult to know which type of pet is best to take care of as a senior. Fortunately, there are a number of pets that are equally easy to take care of and loving. Keep reading to discover our top recommendations.

A Dog 

Did you previously have a four-legged companion in your life and miss just how wonderful having a dog is? Or perhaps you’re curious about if they really are man’s best friend? Chances are getting a dog as a senior has crossed your mind.

Dogs can definitely be a fantastic pet to take care of in your later years, however, you’ll need to choose the right breed for you. As California Mobility’s guide of the best dogs for seniors highlights, there are a variety of important considerations to keep in mind, such as a dog’s temperament, size, strength, and care requirements. 

To save you the trouble of analyzing these things yourself, check out the recommendations listed there of the top 10 dog breeds for seniors. Some great choices include a chihuahua, Maltese, west highland white terrier, and miniature schnauzer. Once you’ve decided which dog breed would be most suitable for you, you’ll need to pick up a few essential items. For example, a reliable collar and leash for walks, a sturdy dog gate to help keep them manageable while indoors, and plenty of nutritious dog food to keep them healthy.  

A Cat 

Cats are another popular option for seniors. After all, they’re well-known for being low-maintenance, meaning you won’t need to fuss too much after them. Angela Stringfellow from Pet Life Today believes there are no shortage of reasons why a cat is an ideal pet for seniors. “Seniors who are looking for a pet that doesn’t demand a lot of time taking care of should give serious consideration to getting a cat,” Stringfellow advises. 

“Felines are naturally very intelligent and clean, so you won’t have any trouble tending to them.” Stringfellow also explains that contrary to what you may have heard, cats are indeed affectionate once they have warmed up to you. “Cats no doubt have an independent streak, so they can take a little while to get used to your company. But once they do, they are incredibly loving and will quickly warm to your cuddles and patting.”

Guinea Pig

If you’re not a cat or a dog person, or don’t have too much space to take care of one, a guinea pig may be the pet for you. Guinea pigs are one of the easiest pets to take care of and only require a small space in your place to call their home. 

Caring for a guinea pig only involves completing a few simple tasks that will keep them happy and healthy. The main ones are feeding and grooming them, playing with them, and cleaning out their hutch. Unlike a dog, you won’t need to take them for a walk so they’re perfect for seniors with mobility issues.

Guinea pigs are very social and affectionate, so you’ll have plenty of special bonding moments together. Another benefit of these cute animals is that they’re relatively inexpensive to take care of. Not only will buying one set you back only in the tens rather than hundreds of dollars, their food is far more cost-effective than most other pets.


Last but not least, we recommend a fish (or two or three!) as a fantastic pet for seniors. The beauty of having a fish as a pet is that most of the time you’ll get to spend looking at them swim splendidly through the water. Considering you won’t need to exercise them and cleaning their tank takes minimal time, fish are the ultimate low-maintenance pet.

Needless to say, they won’t be able to offer the same level of affection as a pet you can hold and cuddle. However, if you’re just after a bit of company and would appreciate a pet you can enjoy seeing but not touching, it’s hard to go wrong with a fish.

So what fish should you choose? The Aquarium Guide recommends bettas

platies, black Mollys, swordtails, and goldfish as the five most low-maintenance fish. Each will require slightly different conditions to thrive, so be sure to ask your pet shop for guidance. 

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