Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

A Bruno vertical platform lift is akin to a mini home elevator, providing a practical and affordable solution to enhance accessibility for scooter and wheelchair users. Don’t let entryway or deck steps hold you back from enjoying your home to the fullest. Enjoy the freedom and independence you deserve with a Bruno vertical platform lift.



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Overview & Benefits

Always Safe

With emergency stop switches and built-in obstruction sensors, this vertical platform lift is as safe as they get.

Always Reliable

With both AC and DC power options, you don’t have to worry about being left stranded.

Always Easy to Use

With features like a self-lowering ramp and a pressure-control rocker switch, operating this vertical platform lift is easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Self-Lowering Ramp

The self-lowering ramp makes getting on and off the platform safe and easy. Plus, it folds up to create a safety barrier when the VPL is being used.

Long-Lasting Durability

The Bruno VPL has features that make it handle the great outdoors with ease. It has weather-resistant controls and specialized coating to resist damage.


The Bruno VPL is in compliance with all National Accessibility Guidelines.

Various Model Heights

Choose between lifts that are 4’, 6’, or 10’ - there’s something to fit any space.

750 lb Capacity

With a 750 lb lifting capacity, this mini-elevator makes it possible to lift a person of any size in their scooter or wheelchair over a set of steps.

Safety Features

The entire VPL will shut down when the sensors detect an obstruction beneath the platform. There’s also an emergency stop switch for added peace of mind.


Optional Extras

Cold Weather Package

In addition to an optional cold weather package, you can choose to add a flood zone package to make sure your VPL holds up to anything Mother Nature throws your way.

DC Battery Power

All Bruno VPLs have reliable and affordable ACT power on 4-6’ units. You can add optional DC power on the 10’ model if you choose.

Top Landing Gate

The optional top landing gate has a call/send control with two choices of interlock options.

Platform Gate Operator

Adding an optional platform gate operator will make your VPL even easier to control.

Landing Call/Send Station

Add a landing call/send station so you can operate the lift from outside of the platform.

Power-Assisted Door

A power-assisted door will make getting into and out of your VPL with a wheelchair even more convenient.

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