Bruno Elite Curved Stair Lift

Curved Stairlift Curved Stairlift

North America’s best-selling curved stairlift. The handcrafted, artfully curved rail from Bruno’s Elite Curve glides gracefully into every angle and delivers unsurpassed smoothness.



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Overview & Benefits

High-Quality Features

With padded seats, adjustable arms, and a handmaid rail, this stairlift has signature features made from only the finest materials.

Fully Customized

The Bruno Elite CRE 2110 is fully customized to meet your needs. With multiple colors available as well as many custom design options available, it’s the best way to avoid a cookie cutter design.


This stairlift keeps going - even during a power outage. It has continuously charging batteries so you never have to worry about a thing.

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Multiple Height Adjustments

Whether you’re tall or short or somewhere in between, you won’t have to worry about your stairlift not fitting you properly.

Safety Features

The Bruno Elite CRE 2110 is packed to the brim with all the safety features you might expect, including a 90 degree swivel, obstruction sensors, and a retractable seat belt.

Ergonomic Design

With a padded, oversized chair and adjustable armrest, this stairlift is one of the most comfortable you can use.

Curved Design

The Bruno Elite CRE 2110 has a unique curved design that will help it fit with any shape or style of staircase.

Space-Saving Rail

The handcrafted rail maximizes open space while also providing a sturdy base. Plus, the covered gear rack helps it stay clean.

Top or Bottom Park

WIth both top and bottom park positions, you will be able to position the rail away from the staircase for a smoother, more natural fit.


Optional Extras

Power Folding Footrest

Power flips footrest up/down when seat is raised/lowered. Arm switch control optional.

Larger Seat Pad

Optional larger Elite seat pad for increased comfort. 21.5" wide x 16" deep (546x406mm).

Power Swivel Seat

Power rotate the seat for easy on/off with control on chair arm or wireless remote.

Larger Footrest

Optional larger Elite footrest. 12" long x 11" wide (305x279mm).

Park Position

Add a top or bottom park position to extend rail away from stairs for added safety.

Overrun Park Position

Exit and park your stairlift safely away from the staircase with an overrun park position.

Mid-Park & Charge

Add a mid-park and charge station for easy charging and entry/exit on middle landings.

Multiple Custom Colors

Personalize your Bruno Elite stairlift with one of four custom seat colors.

Four-Point Harness

Request a four-point harness for additional securement points on the chair.

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