Bruno Out-Sider Scooter Lift

As you seek to maintain both your seating and storage space, the Bruno Out-Sider offers an exceptional solution. Should you ever find yourself transitioning to a different mobility device, the Out-Sider seamlessly adapts to it. What’s more, this versatile device is transferable to other vehicles, making it a practical choice for the long haul.



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Overview & Benefits

Easy to Adapt

If you change vehicles or mobility devices in the future, the Bruno Out-Sider is easy to adapt.

Simple Operation

All you have to do is press a button to raise and lower the lift.

Specific to Your Device

Each lift has a mobility device-specific securement device to lock your power chair or scooter in place.

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Drive On/Off Platform

No lifting, no straining, and no pulling - the platform will self-level on uneven surfaces and you can drive on and off with ease.

Integrated Safety Features

From a low-profile design that improves your vision, manual backup features, and other safety features, this lift is the safest of them all.

Space-Saving Design

The folding platform stays out of the way when you don’t need to stow a mobility device.

Exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

The Out-Sider meets or exceeds all applicable regulations, giving you extra security while you’re traveling.

Modular Platform Design

The Out-Sider’s modular platform design makes it easy to change mobility devices out later on.

Installation Available

Don’t want to deal with installing the Out-Sider yourself? We can help with the installation!


Optional Extras

“Swing Away” Option

The “Swing Away” option will allow you to easily rotate your lift to get into your cargo area.

Securement Belts

Extra securement belts will provide you with more security and peace of mind while you’re on the road.

Extra Brake Light

Adding a third optional brake light will improve visibility - and safety.

Vinyl Cover

Keep your mobility device protected from the elements with an optional all-weather vinyl cover.

Extra-Large Platform

Upgrade to a larger platform and your unit can accommodate devices up to 31” wide with a 46” wheelbase.

Center Deck

The optional center deck will make it easier to get a small scooter on and off the platform.

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