Stiltz Duo Vista Homelift

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The clear lift car body on the contemporary Stiltz Duo Vista allows natural daylight to fill the lift car and helps it blend into the room where it is installed.

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Overview & Benefits

Like an Extra Pair of Hands

Move the laundry, vacuum cleaner, boxes…whatever it is you need to get to the next floor, the Stiltz Duo Vista will make it feel as though you have an extra pair of hands.


Stop looking at home elevators that will make you remodel your entire home! The Stiltz Duo Vista can fit just about anywhere - and can fit multiple people or even a wheelchair, too.


With a phone available for emergencies, sensors to stop the elevator if something is in the way, and countless other safety features, the Stiltz Duo Vista is sure to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

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29 ⅛” x 41 15/16” Footprint

These dimensions make the Stiltz Duo Vista the smallest home elevator we have to offer. It’s easy to tuck out of the way for maximum convenience!

Room for Two

This elevator is perfect for just one person, but it can also carry two people at a time as needed.

No Structural Walls Required

With its unique rail system, the Stiltz Duo Vista doesn’t require any structural walls for installation.

Safety Braking

In the event of a cable failure (which is unlikely), automatic safety brakes will engage immediately, stopping the lift for maximum safety.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

With two remote controls and an in-car control panel, the Stiltz Duo Vista is easy to control, call, and send.

Self-Contained Electric Motor

The concealed motor of this elevator means that the elevator will be extremely quiet at all times, even when it’s in motion.


Optional Extras

Half Door Option

If you want your elevator to have a more open feeling, you can equip it with an optional half door instead of the full. This also has a light curtain safety feature that will stop the lift when the door plane is crossed.

In-Car Telephone

You can choose to include a wired cell phone or telephone line in the homelift.

Installation Options

There are multiple installation options for the Stiltz Duo Vista, including in the garage, stairwell, closet, and other areas of the home.

Fold-Down Seat

To make the trip between floors more comfortable, you can choose to add a fold-down seat.

Interior Grab Rail

An optional interior grab rail will make this home lift even safer for its riders.

Colors and Finishes

Choose from a variety of colors for the interior lining, rails, and lift car.

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