Jobs for Senior Citizens

Jobs for Senior Citizens

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The standard meaning of retirement is a permanent separation from employment. It means to spend a life focused on the pleasures of living. However, more seniors in America are working past retirement than ever before. According to Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, “American employees, around 57%, want to work after retirement, with 36 percent working part-time and 21 percent working full-time.” This trend may be caused by:

  • inadequate retirement assets (not having enough money to retire);
  • a desire to supplement existing retirement assets;
  • a lack of purpose once derived from a career.

Regardless of the reason, this article goes over the most common and desirable occupations suitable for a person of retirement age so you can make an informed decision on how to spend your golden years.

Full-Time or Part-Time?

One factor you should think about is how much you want to work. If full-time retirement is not an option, consider semi-retirement, in which you work part-time to generate income while still having time to enjoy your golden years. Part-time jobs are available to provide a continual income source while working fewer hours. 

There is also temporary and contract work available, allowing you to rotate between times of employment and periods of retirement. For example, you could work nine months out of the year and then take three months off for the summer. 

Which Jobs Are Best for Senior Citizens?

The first thing you should ask yourself is “What kind of lifestyle do I want?” Do you wish to switch careers and keep working 40 hours a week, or are you searching for something short-term, enjoyable and social?

Answering this will help you narrow down your options. Moreover, it helps to know how to position yourself to find the best fit. 

Once you have an answer in mind, read on for our list of job ideas for seniors:


A second career in teaching is frequently started by retirees who want to take on a new challenge and make a difference in their community. The occupation is more common among women who start their second career at 62 or older (10.3%). But the Urban Institute also discovered that 3% of older men had entered the area, and up to 8% more teachers will get jobs by 2026. 

State-specific pay varies, but if we take the record from the paystubs of all groups, the national median compensation for high school teachers is $60,320, and for elementary school teachers, it is $57,980.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent is a common second occupation for retirees. Real estate agents work for themselves and can choose their hours, so you can maintain your independence and work when it suits you. 3.8% of older women find jobs as managers of properties or real estate, which make a median salary of $48,690. Additionally, over the next ten years, a 32,600 increase in jobs is projected for real estate agents.

Administrative Assistant

Retirees or older adults who miss the activity of an office can work as administrative assistants. In retirement, women are especially likely to work as secretaries and administrative assistants. 

They can work as receptionists, information clerks, office clerks, bookkeepers, and accounting clerks. While most jobs involve traveling to the office, you may be able to work remotely as a virtual assistant. If qualified, supervisors of office and administrative workers earn more. 

Events Coordinator/Planner 

Even if you’ve never held a position as an event planner, you’ve likely organized (or assisted in organizing) dozens of gatherings such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and others. Using your network of friends and family, you can use this experience to land a job or launch your own business. 

According to the “Bureau of Labor Stats,” job growth will be 8%, more than the average 4% growth for all occupations. The median hourly wage is $24.33.

Delivery Driver

Deliver food, packages, or other items to locals who have ordered from restaurants, shops, or warehouses. More opportunities are emerging due to the rising use of Amazon Flex and GrubHub services. Your service and whether you are a permanent employee or an independent contractor can affect your pay. 

For example, since Amazon couriers are self-employed, they can choose their available hours for work. According to Ridester, an independent courier who delivers for Amazon can expect to make at least $18 per hour.

Other Driving Opportunities

If you are familiar with the area, working as a driver could help you increase your retirement income. At 62 or older, many men find jobs as drivers. You can drive as a delivery person, a medical courier, a taxi driver, or a bus driver. 

Bus drivers make considerable money, with a median salary of $34,450 compared to $25,980 for taxi drivers. Some persons with driving jobs have a regular route and more consistent pay. However, these positions can involve unpredictable hours, including evening and weekend work.

Retail Salesperson

One of the most common careers for senior citizens, a job in retail offers schedule flexibility, the chance to interact with customers, and healthcare benefits. For example, part-time Costco, Whole Foods, and REI employees get health insurance coverage. 

Additionally, salesmen often qualify for a store discount. And you may find work at a business that complements your hobbies such as a bookshop if you enjoy reading, a clothes store if you enjoy keeping up with fashion, or a sports store if you enjoy exercising. $14 is the median hourly pay.

Travel and Hospitality

Consider part-time work in hospitality or tourism if you enjoy traveling. You might work as a travel coordinator, organizing group trips with specific interests. Start your home-based travel agency by obtaining a travel agent’s license. 

You can get it from organizations such as the Travel Institute. Or you may work as an agent for an established agency. You can also work in car rental companies, hotels, airports, ticketing, and other hospitality-related jobs.

Home Health or Personal Care Assistant

Do you want your new career to have a more meaningful impact? Personal care assistants provide help with basic daily requirements to those who are ill or disabled. For instance, you may help with laundry, bathing, and errands. 

You could change dressings, keep track of health readings, and give simple prescriptions as a home health assistant. Home health aides carry out more strictly medically necessary tasks than personal care aides. 

These positions rank among the best for women over 50 because they emphasize maturity and life experience. Many clients who are seniors themselves favor older staff over younger ones. The average hourly compensation for home health and personal care aides is $14.15.


Many people in their 60s and older take on writing careers. Most full-time positions need a bachelor’s degree. But there are also options for freelance work or project-based employment. 

A writer may self-publish a book, accept writing jobs from a newspaper, or create content for online blogs. Writing and authors must be able to generate ideas and communicate effectively through expert command of the English language.

SEE Program Participant

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program aims to provide experienced individuals with good employment opportunities conducting meaningful occupations that benefit the environment. Participants in the SEE Program are not federal government workers. 

They get payment and are eligible for health insurance and paid vacation. Beginning hourly pay (according to the National Older Worker Career Centre):

  • Non-typing clerical jobs: $7.27
  • Clerical and lab support jobs: $8.78
  • Administrative and tech-support jobs: $10.30
  • Professional and scientific jobs: $12.72

Additional Ideas

You can also look for jobs like security guard, childcare assistant, customer service representative, and dog walker. You can also look for online job boards on popular websites like LinkedIn or Indeed for additional ideas.

Benefits of Working as a Senior Citizen

Getting a Paycheck

Without any question, one of the critical benefits of having a job is being paid. One in every five workers over the age of 60 does not expect to be able to retire due to economic challenges.

 Others may desire to have enough money to cover their basic needs. You may want extra funds to carry out your financial goals.

Greater Enjoyment

Is it possible to feel younger by working? Of course, how much you enjoy your work depends on whether it is a good fit for you. Yet, working may also help reduce your chances of becoming depressed. They include possibilities for social interaction and community involvement. And you can make meaningful connections with coworkers.

Trying New Things

When you’re younger, changing to a new job or setting up a business can be difficult. For older folks, retirement can provide the perfect opportunity to finally try that big idea you never had time for before. Discover ways to gain money from your favorite activities/hobbies by utilizing social platforms like YouTube, Fiver, and Etsy.

Health Insurance

When you reach the age of 65 years, you become eligible for Medicare. But seniors have healthcare needs that Medicare does not cover. A job providing health insurance benefits can save you money on drugs and medical treatment.

More Retirement Savings

Every year of employment contributes more money to your lifetime earnings. It also increases your Social Security eligibility. You can postpone filing for Social Security if you already earn enough money. Your benefits will grow by 8% each year you work past retirement age. 

Continuing to receive a paycheck can also postpone the need to begin spending your savings,enabling your investments to grow.

Applying for Jobs as an Older Person: Practical Tips

When searching for jobs, older people ask how open they should be about their age. To succeed, you must show that you will be a good investment if recruited. So instead of focusing on your years of job experience, consider how to provide value to an organization. 

Also, don’t undervalue yourself during an interview. In addition, here are a few practical tips that can be useful for you:

Searching for Jobs to Apply For

  • Research: Do your research before applying for jobs. When looking for potential careers, consider companies that provide work-at-home opportunities. Especially if they sound too good to be true, these job advertisements are sometimes fake, so proceed cautiously. You surely do not want to be a victim of elder fraud.
  • Network: Using your connections to identify the top employers for seniors is a great place to start. Ensure that the individuals in your life know you are seeking work.

Creating a Resume

A good resume is an essential factor when searching for work. Here are tips to consider when updating yours:.

  • Concentrate on the recent 10 to 15 years. You can benefit from relevant former positions, but you shouldn’t list a job from too long ago.
  • Never date your education. Potential employers don’t need to know that you typed your undergraduate term papers using a typewriter instead of a computer. To put it another way, unless your schooling got over recently, you should omit graduation dates from your CV.
  • Stay up to date. One of the main concerns HR managers have about older workers is that they may need help to keep up with technology. So if your employer needs any computer work, highlight your technical skills. Also, make sure that your email address is professional. 
  • Be aware that the hiring process has evolved. HR managers may conduct a social media search for your name, so make sure any accounts you have are professional. Additionally, remember that an HR manager may need to read your CV. Many businesses now use software to scan submitted applications for specific keywords. As a result, include as many of the words used in the job posting as possible.
  • Understand the words used by HR managers. Check that the terminology on your resume is still applicable. You may need to send it to another individual for opinions such as a career counselor, but be cautious of phrases that may make your talents sound old. According to resume experts, an “Objective” statement, once considered a resume standard, is no longer used.

Attending Interviews

  • Prepare yourself mentally as the individual conducting the interview might be your junior. Usually, they can ask you how you would feel about working for a younger manager in a job interview. Consider how you would respond to this question before going to an interview.
  • Be true to yourself. Aging gracefully and boldly, putting your best foot forward, is the perfect first impression for older women and men. Yet, you don’t want to appear too dated. So, run your outfit by someone else for a second opinion before your interview.

Accept the Possibilities

Whatever your reason for wanting to work, many solutions will suit your needs and lifestyle. There are good jobs for older people out there. So don’t fear age discrimination and undergo the necessary processes to get one.

 Remember that elders like you make essential contributions every day, and enjoy the benefits of working past retirement age.

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