Bruno Elan Straight Stair Lift

Straight Stairlift Straight Stairlift

Get the best-selling American-made stairlift. This affordable stairlift is the perfect blend of high-quality functionality and ease-of-use operation.



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Overview & Benefits


With a plush seat and multiple height adjustments this stairlift isn’t just aesthetically pleasing - it’s also comfortable.

Easy to Store

No more tripping hazards! This stairlift has a footrest that flips up and down automatically when the seat is lowered or raised. The rails can fold up, too, so everything is out of the way.

Safe and Convenient

With dozens of built-in safety features, you’ll feel perfectly at ease using the Bruno Elan.

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300 Lb Weight Limit

This stairlift can comfortably seat just about any user.

Quiet Operation

With a covered gear rack on the rail and a soft start-stop technology, the Bruno Elan SRE 3050 operates just about as quietly as can be.

Space-Saving Design

With a vertical rail to maximize open space on your stairs and features that fold up when they’re not in use, this stairlift is perfect for people who are short on space.

Reliable Service

Power outage? No problem. This stairlift has a battery-powered backup in case the power goes out.

Maximum Versatility

With height adjustments, an ergonomic armrest control, and many other customizable features, this stairlift is anything but cookie-cutter.

Numerous Safety Features

From a 90° swivel exit to obstruction sensors and even a retractable seat belt, this stairlift has everything you could possibly want to stay safe.


Optional Extras

Folding Rail

Power & manual versions. Use for a narrow hallway or doorway at bottom of stairs.

Power Swivel Seat

Power rotate the seat for easy on/off with control on chair arm or wireless remote.

Power Folding Footrest

Power flips footrest up/down when seat is raised/lowered. Arm switch control optional.

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