Bruno Chariot Scooter Lift

With Bruno’s Chariot, you can enjoy ultimate flexibility. This remarkable exterior scooter and powerchair lift allows you to transport your mobility device behind virtually any vehicle. The Chariot’s independent suspension system expertly manages the weight of your load, while its 360-degree spinning wheels enable effortless maneuvering for anyone.



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Overview & Benefits

Easy Operation

Simply press a button to lower or raise the lift, then use the retractable belts to get your unit where it needs to be.

Safety First

The Chariot is equipped with all the safety features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line Bruno product, such as integrated safety latches and turn signals.

Maximum Versatility

You can install this lift on any vehicle - and reinstall it on another vehicle later if you need to.

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350 lb Capacity

The Chariot has an independent suspension that supports the load’s weight- plus 360-degree spinning wheels that make it easy for anyone to maneuver at any time.

Easy to Maneuver

Whether you need to drive forward, turn, back up, or even parallel park, the Chariot works perfectly with your vehicle. You don’t need to have any special skills to drive with it!

Adjustable Platform

The Chariot’s adjustable platform fits just about all types of mobility devices. You can access the rear cargo area simply by lowering the lift.

Exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

The Chariot exceeds federal safety standards and is equipped with safety features like retractable securement belts, running/brake lights and turn signals, and more.

No Vehicle Modifications Needed

You won't need to change a thing about your vehicle - or your mobility device. The adjustable platform fits just about every situation.

Easy to Secure PMD

Secure your mobility device with the self-tensioning, one-handed operation of the Chariot’s retractable belts - and hit the road!


Optional Extras

Corner Markers

The lift’s optional corner markers will make it easier for you to back up, serving as a visual guide to the rear of your lift.

Spare Tire

Upgrade to receive a spare tire for additional peace of mind while you’re on the road.

Vinyl Cover

Consider buying an all-weather vinyl cover to make sure your mobility equipment is protected from the elements.

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