Stiltz Trio Alta Homelift

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The most spacious and luxurious of all the Stiltz Home Lifts, the Trio Alta can fit up to three people. It’s the most accommodating and elegant elevator you’ll find.

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Overview & Benefits

Incredibly Spacious

With the ability to fit up to three people or even a wheelchair with an extra helper, the Stiltz Trio Alta is the largest of all Stiltz home lifts. However, its recessed rails reduce the amount of floor space required by the lift.

Improved Capacity

The Trio Alta has the ability to comfortably accommodate 550 lbs - plus, it has a wider doorway to make it more accessible for everyone.

Modern Design

Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, the Trio Alta will look great in even the most luxurious of homes.

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Low Energy Usage

Stiltz Home Lifts operate on a standard 220 circuit - they use the same amount of energy as the average dishwasher.

Battery Backup

No need to worry about power outages. With the Stiltz Trio Alta, a battery backup will safely return the lift to the lowest level in case you lose power.

Interior Lighting

With attractive, yet subtle, interior lighting, you can travel at any time of the day or night in comfort.

Integrated In-Car Control Panel

The Trio Alta is equipped with an in-car control panel that is user-friendly. It has simple push-button controls.

Built-in Ramp

Only the Trio Alta has a built-in and gently-angled ramp to make entry more convenient for people in wheelchairs.

Matching Excellence

Just like our other lifts, the Trio Alta can be installed without load-bearing walls and will travel quietly from one level of the home to the next.


Optional Extras

Thru-Car Option

No cookie cutters here! Choose from multiple styles, colors, and fabrics when you build your stairlift.

In-Car Telephone

Choose between power or manual folding rails if you have a narrow hallway or if the doorway is positioned directly at the bottom of the stairs.

Extended Travel

The Trio Alta now comes with 6-meter travel, allowing the lift to be installed in homes with very high ceilings or conversions.

Full Height Door

The Trio Alta comes standard with a half-height door, but you can choose to upgrade to a full height door that is interlocking.

Bespoke Colors and Finishes

Upgrade to more extravagant finishes for the lift car, interior lining, and rails, if you choose.

Fold-Down Seat

Make your lift even more comfortable by adding a fold down seat to use while you ride between floors.

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