Stiltz Duo Classic Homelift

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If you’re looking for a safe, intelligent home lift, the Stiltz Duo Classic is the home elevator for you. It’s perfect for the homeowner looking for a no-fuss, zero maintenance lift.

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Overview & Benefits

Versatile Appearance

With a cream-colored exterior and beige interior, the Duo Classic can complement classic and contemporary homes alike.

Easy Installation

The Duo Classic can be installed in less than a day, allowing you to get it up and running in no time.

Quiet Operation

Requiring no load-bearing walls for installation, this freestanding lift produces zero vibrations and minimal noise.

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Small Floor Plan

This home elevator takes up less than 6 square feet of space, making it ideal for smaller homes.

Built-in Load Sensor

This lift can hold a maximum of 375 lbs, or two people. It also has a built-in load sensor to make sure the maximum weight isn’t accidentally surpassed.

Plugs Into a Standard Outlet

You won’t have to do any complicated rewiring for this home lift. It plugs into a standard 220V domestic power socket.

Internal LED Downlights

Programmed to turn on once you’ve entered the lift, these lights will remain on throughout your entire ride.

Full Height Light Curtain

With a half-height door standard on the Duo Classic, this elevator also has a full height light curtain.

Obstruction Sensors

The lift has built-in sensors at the top and bottom to stop the machine instantly if an obstruction is detected.


Optional Extras

Full Height Door

A half door comes standard on the Duo Classic, but if you’d prefer a full door, you can add it as an optional feature.

Grab Rail

You can choose to add an interior grab rail for extra comfort and added safety.

Fold Down Seat

To make your ride more comfortable, you can choose to install a fold-down seat in your Duo Classic.

Bespoke Colors & Finishes

Choose from a variety of alternative colors for our lift car, interior lining, and rails.

Multiple Installation Options

With no supporting walls needed, you have an abundance of installation flexibility.

Duo Thru Upgrade

Upgrade to the Duo Thru, and you’ll be able to exit or enter your home lift from either the rear or the front.

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