Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift

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Simple and space-saving, the Stiltz Duo Alta is perfect for the homeowner seeking a low-maintenance transportation solution

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Overview & Benefits


With a variety of built-in safety features, like a backup battery and multiple safety sensors, the Duo Alta is sure to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


With its vertical self-supporting stilts, it’s possible to install the Stiltz Duo Alta anywhere in your home.


With no loud motors or visible hoists, the Stiltz Duo Alta operates quietly and discreetly, maximizing the space you have available in your home.

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LED Light Curtain

The LED light curtain detects obstacles over the half-height door and stops the elevator to ensure safety.

Built-in Braking Mechanism

The Duo Alta’s built-in braking mechanism ensures comfort and safety at all times.

Locking Door

This elevator car door has a locking mechanism that’s easy to open and close.

375 Lb Weight Capacity

This home lift can hold up to 375 lbs or two people.

Minimal Power Usage

The Stiltz Duo Alta plugs into a standard domestic outlet- no need to call an electrician.

Single Floor Travel

This lift is designed for travel between two separate floors (a single floor distance).


Optional Extras

Additional Remote Controls

Each Stiltz elevator comes with two remote controls but you can purchase extras if necessary.

Full Height Door

Choose to upgrade to a full-height door for a more streamlined appearance.

Fold-Down Seat

Add a fold-down seat to make your journey in your home lift even more comfortable.

Custom Finishes

Select from a long list of alternative colors and finishes to customize your rails, car, and interior lining.

Power Outage Protection

In addition to battery backup, the Duo Alta also has an uninterruptible power supply feature that allows for multiple trips when the main power supply is out.

Interior Grab Rail

Add a grab rail for extra security and stability inside the lift.

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